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Hi thurr.  
06:06pm 08/01/2012
Shannon M. Knott

Entries about me are mostly Friends Only, but all art and most of my writing entries will be public.

If you want to read all the private entries then comment on this post with who you are and if I don't know you a few lines about yourself would be great.

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From now on...  
10:31pm 03/05/2010
Shannon M. Knott
tags: art, blogspot
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Hooo wut! Etching??  
08:44pm 08/03/2010
Shannon M. Knott

Yeah I know. I'm scared too.Collapse )

I actually made the plate the first couple week of school. I was just too lazy to proof/print it, but here it is! I'll make more better ones later, for now I'm actually quite proud. I dunno? I'm actually in litho, okaaaaay?
I am being: sleepysleepy
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10:13pm 03/02/2010
Shannon M. Knott
I always start new months with a bang. I like these photos...and I realized that I have yet to posted anything like this on lj, so yeah.

I'm proud of these. I was a smart photographer and bracketed, because I was shooting this in my room. The light walls, head tilt, texture in the face... the sweater's texture really does it for me too, and I think that's a detail that adds to it. I dunno. I'm just proud of them, even if they're maybe not the most interesting.

3 more from the same shoot.Collapse )

More of my photography work located on my flickr.
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WIP doll  
10:51pm 27/12/2009
Shannon M. Knott

She's going to be a horn, mane and tail type. But I'm debating on making her a super sculpty mask...which is sounding more and more appealing the more I think about 3D face vs 2D face.
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03:07pm 19/12/2009
Shannon M. Knott
Click to make the image bigger.

The original water colour (bad picture, but won't fit in scanner).

And the litho print thus far. 3 more colours to go!
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Term 1 litho prints! Series: Animal Theory  
02:15pm 21/11/2009
Shannon M. Knott
Just thought I should get around to putting up the 3 together. Bad image, but I'm too lazy to take a better one and whatnot. I thought it was all pretty well done considering I hadn't done lithography since the previous year. So there are some printing problems, but it was all my fault for not checking my stone.

Ram, tiger, wolf.
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Sketchbook pages (3).  
03:51pm 22/10/2009
Shannon M. Knott
I'm just glad I've been drawing in the damn thing. I'm kind of just killing the last week of term by printing photos, so I'm not really doing much else.

4 Hoots. Is a .3 and .8 micron drawing, and will be a colour lithograph eventually..</font>
Next two!Collapse )
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Animal Theory Series: 2 out of 3  
06:15pm 04/10/2009
Shannon M. Knott

Roughly 9.5"x13.5" each,
Black and white.

On their own...Collapse )

It's a bit of a spoof of a little sculpture thing that never got done.
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Lifre drawings.  
11:31am 30/06/2009
Shannon M. Knott
3. Joao Paulo Alvares Ruas - Quite different from the last 2, but his use of pencil crayon and water colour is admirable.

Life drawing!

And more! Rather image heavy.Collapse )
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